Velomacchi bags offer moto-inspired lift rigging for highway warriors

Those who lift their work, and infrequently even their lives, anywhere and everywhere they go will always be in need of equipment, generally bags, that can keep adult with their lifestyles. And when it comes to heavy-duty gear, zero comes tighten to a brew of ruggedness and portability than motorcycle gear. But those mostly demeanour as imperishable as their inlet and competence not interest to some-more civic highway warriors. Fortunately, lift rigging builder Velomacchi has 3 new products that mix together continuance and style.

Let’s start with a biggest one of all, a Speedway Hybrid Travel Duffle 50L. Don’t let that name dope you, since a Duffle 50L pulls double avocation as, well, a duffle and also as a backpack. For a latter, it sports a law captivating sternum coupler that creates this spacious, watertight automobile bag a ideal home for all your effects during longer travels or off-road adventures.

For those with reduction impassioned needs, a 35L Giro Backpack is a stylish bag designed with a civic commuter in mind. A captivating hurl tip closure keeps your cherished security inside while still charity easy entrance to them. A captivating tip side slot is ideal for stealing your laptop tighten to your back. Despite a stylish design, a Giro Backpack is also built for adventure, with a behind row for putting in a hydration bladder inside.

If, however, we simply need a compress tote to strengthen your laptop or tablet, Velomacchi also has a thing only for you. Available in 3 sizes, a Impact Laptop Sleeves implement high-impact froth and a polyethylene interior that acts as a physique armor for your laptop.

Velomacchi’s latest preference of watertight and imperishable lift rigging can be purchased online for a following prices:

– Speedway Hybrid Travel Duffle 50L – $279
– Giro Backpack 35L – $179
– Impact Laptop Sleeves – $59 (Small), $64 (Medium), $69 (Large)

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