Three Heroes Honored by Oregon Residents


Micah Fletcher, 21, Rick Best, 23, and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 53, were respected as Oregon’s 2017 Newsmakers of a Year.

Event That Thrust Three Heroes Into a Headlines

Aboard a MAX light rail Greenline, these organisation did not know one another but, as a group, they came to a invulnerability of dual teenage black girls, one wearing a hajib.

On May 26, 2017, a girls were subjected to anti-Muslim slurs and a martial rants of Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35. He shouted he was a taxpayer, people of tone were ruining Portland, and that had First Amendment rights.

One witness, Rachel Macy, settled she felt a male brush past her as he talked on his phone relocating divided from Christian, who was identified as Namkai-Meche. Best remained tighten to a assailant, calming him that he was being listened and perplexing to ease him down.

However, Christian did not respond and continued his shrill rant. As a sight approached a stop, a heroes seemed to be formulating a separator to strengthen a girls. Christian knocked Namkai-Meche’s phone out of his hands and bearing a blade into his neck. The assailant slashed a throats of a other dual men, Best and Fletcher.

Their wounds were severe, Best was conspicuous passed during a scene, and Namkai-Meche was taken to a sanatorium where he died. Passengers gave aid, requesting pressure, and CPR until a paramedics arrived. Fletcher staggered out of a sight rapacious his neck. He hardly survived and a earthy sign of a horrific day; a angled scar.

On May 27, KATU News reported that Christian was “facing dual depends of aggravated murder, attempted murder, dual depends of intimidation, and law-breaker in possession of a limited weapon.” He was arraigned in Multnomah County on May 30 and returned to justice for a bail conference on Oct 20.

Readers Voted Overwhelmingly for a Heroes

Through The Oregonian readers’ input, a initial 27 possibilities for a respect was narrowed down to 10. The list enclosed dual domestic figures, a eremite activist, a face of a PDX Resistance, an Oregon Zoo Polar bear, a immature male who won an letter contest, a Oregon firefighters, and a Clackamas County sheriff’s sergeant who blew a alarm on another officer who unsuccessful to do his duty.

Bittersweet Memories of Portland Oregon’s Heroes

Macy recalls Namkai-Meche saying, “Tell everybody on this sight we adore them,” as he was taken out on a stretcher. Those difference were created on a wall behind a make-shift memorial.

Shortly after a attacks, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said:

[The heroes’] actions were dauntless and selfless, and should offer as an instance and impulse to us all. We contingency come together as a village and adore one another. We contingency reject loathing and violence.

From his sanatorium bed, Fletcher common his thoughts on a event. He wrote:

This is what we contingency do for one another
We contingency live for one another
We contingency quarrel for one another
We contingency die in a name of leisure if we have to.

This time of divisive tongue from a boss and his administration has given loathing and impassioned prejudice a surpassing resurgence in a United States. The assailant, Christian, was a transparent instance of a dim times a nation is facing.

Oregon is famous for a on-going inlet and loathing of any kind is not tolerated by law coercion and adults alike. Unfortunately, 3 organisation became heroes station adult for a values Oregonians reason dear.

By Cathy Milne


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