Pentagon Admits to UFO Research


Buried in a $600 billion Defense Department bill was $22 million spent on a Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. It was not easy to find, though a New York Times detected a expense.

The puzzling module that people and cinema speculated about does exist and it investigates Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). The module was run by Luis Elizondo, a troops comprehension central on a fifth building of a C Ring in a Pentagon.

According to a Defense Department, a module ran from 2007-2012, however, a backers contend a Pentagon canceled appropriation for a Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program in 2012, though it still exists.

Although tools of a module sojourn classified, it was mostly saved during a ask of 2007 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The infancy of a income went to an aerospace examine association owned by Robert Bigelow, a longtime crony of Reid.

Bigelow told “60 Minutes” that he believed UFOs have visited Earth and aliens exist. The program, alongside Bigelow’s association has support that describes sightings, such as aircraft that changed during high velocities though manifest signs of propulsion, or hovered though any apparent means of lift.

There are also videos of encounters between American troops aircraft and UFOs. One encounter, expelled in August, told of a white oval intent a distance of a blurb aeroplane that was chased by dual Navy F/A-18F warrior jets. This occurrence occurred of a seashore of San Diego in 2004.

Reid stated: “I consider a one of a good things we did in my congressional service. I’ve finished something that no one has finished before.”

Astrophysicist during MIT Sara Seager reminds that usually since a start of an intent is different does not meant it came from another planet. The phenomena are value questioning though infrequently after systematic scrutiny some still sojourn UFOs.

Former NASA space convey operative and author James E. Oberg says: “There are copiousness of boring events and tellurian perceptual traits that can comment for these stories. Lots of people are active in a atmosphere and don’t wish others to know about it. They are happy to slink unrecognized in a noise, or even to stir it adult as camouflage.” However, Oberg welcomes a research.

Pentagon officials insist a module finished in 2012. The Department of Defense dynamic there were issues that were a aloft priority and indispensable funding. However, Elizondo says a usually thing that came to an finish in 2012 was a supervision funding. He continued to work with officials in a Navy and a CIA, until he quiescent in Oct as a criticism of “excessive privacy and inner opposition.”

According to Elizondo, a UFO module continues and there was someone who insincere his position and duties when he resigned.

UFOs have been investigated for decades. In 1947, a Air Force investigated some-more that 12,000 sighting before a examine finished in 1969. The array of studies enclosed Project Blue Book, that began in 1952 and resolved that many of a sightings were required aircraft, view planes, clouds, or stars, however, 701 were still unexplained.

At a time, Robert C. Seamans Jr. was a secretary of a Air Force. He settled that Project Blue Book came to an finish since it could not be fit in a seductiveness of scholarship or for inhabitant security.
According to Reid, a Defense Intelligence Agency wanted to revisit a plantation in Utah, where Bigelow conducted his research. After a meeting, Reid met with a officials and they wanted to start a UFO examine program, in 2007.

Several years prior, Reid spoke with wanderer John Glenn, who believed a sovereign supervision should examine UFO sightings, generally those reported by troops pilots.

Senators Ted Stevens and Daniel K. Inouye and Reid did not wish to have a open plead on a Senate building about appropriation a program. The 3 were a usually members of Congress who knew about a Pentagon bill for a personal UFO program.

The $22 million was used to conduct a module and examine a hazard acted by a unexplained objects from late 2008 by 2011. The income went to Bigelow Aerospace who hired subcontractors and solicited examine to assist a program.

Under a module and Bigelow’s direction, Las Vegas buildings were mutated to store steel alloys and materials that has been recovered from UFOs. Scientists complicated a people who claimed they practice earthy effects from interacting with a objects. They were also examined for physiological changes. Pilots and troops use members who saw bizarre aircraft were interviewed and their sightings documented.

Harold E. Puthoff is an operative who conducted psychic notice examine for a CIA described it as giving a garage-door opener to Leonardo da Vinci: He would not commend a cosmetic element or know a electromagnetic signals or a function.

Video and audio recordings were collected. There is footage of an aircraft surrounded by a heated aura, relocating during heated speed, and rotating as it changed from a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet. In a recording, pilots can be listened perplexing to know a object. One exclaimed, “There’s a whole swift of them!” The date and plcae of this occurrence stays classified.

According to Bigelow, a United States is a many back in a universe on this issue. Scientists do not wish to be ostracized and a media fears a stigma. However, Russia and China work with vast organizations to examine a phenomena. Even England, France, Belgium, and South American countries plainly plead UFOs though fear.

In 2009, Reid argued for heightened confidence for a program. Reid wrote a minute to emissary invulnerability secretary William Lynn III, “Much swell has been done with a marker of several rarely sensitive, radical aerospace-related findings.” Reid wanted a module to turn a singular special entrance program, singular to usually a few officials.

His ask was denied. The Pentagon outline of a module settled that a United States could not urge itself opposite some of a detected technologies. According to Elizondo’s abdication letter, there was a critical need to examine a mixed accounts from a Navy and other troops services of

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