Matthew McConaughey-Anne Hathaway Drama Serenity To Be Released In September

We haven’t even gotten to a 2018 Academy Awards, nonetheless speak is already starting to occur in regards to subsequent year’s show. The Matthew McConaughey / Anne Hathaway film Serenity has been removing a lot of buzz, and now it’s being given a really nice, awards deteriorate recover date of Sep 28.

Serenity follows a story of a fishing vessel captain played by McConaughey who is forced to understanding with his past after a puzzling lady (Hathaway) arrives on a tiny island in a Caribbean. His elementary life starts to be not as elementary as he likes, and a lady leaves him doubt reality. Also starring in a film are Jason Clarke, Djimon Hounsou and Diane Lane. The film is created and destined by Steven Knight who wrote and destined Locke, as good as wrote a scripts for  Dirty Pretty Things”and Eastern Promises.

McConaughy and Hathaway formerly co-starred together in Intersteller, and away won Oscars for Dallas Buyers Club and Les Miserables respectively. 

Typically Sep releases aren’t as clever as other months, and so distant a usually other films opening on a 28th are Night School and Smallfoot. 

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