#LiveFree Backpack sings to digital nomads with wireless charging

Mobile inclination have altered not usually a lifestyles nonetheless has even altered a inlet of a work. Some are no longer fasten to any desk, office, or even city while others have some volume of leisure to be out and about, as prolonged as they check in from time to time. These highway warriors and digital nomads have also combined new needs as distant as “office equipment” goes. The #LiveFree Backpack by Knomo tries to residence as many of those by providing wireless charging, Bluetooth tracking, and tons of pockets for your devices, all in a bag that looks neat adequate for work.

The #LiveFree’s some-more normal pattern belies a technologies and facilities literally dark underneath a surface. Perhaps a many engaging one for those who live and die by their smartphones is a wireless charging side pocket. Simply dump in your Qi-compatible phone and forget that you’re even charging it. What about iPhones, we competence ask. Knomo has a box for that, though, sadly, it doesn’t nonetheless support a “Plus” iPhone sizes.

There are other pockets, of course. There’s a padded cell for laptops adult to 15.6 inches, with a smaller trip slot for tablets and ebook readers. There’s a cell with straps for organizing your cables. An RFID-blocking pocket. And even a stowage for your H2O bottle.

Knomo bills a #LiveFree Backpack as a ultimate 24/7 bag for work, travel, and play. It’s a usually bag you’ll need, or so they say. But putting all your digital eggs in one basket can also be frightening, that is because a #LiveFree also includes a Bluetooth tracking front done together with Chipolo. Like others of a kind, we can keep lane of a final famous plcae of a tracker, that should be in a dark cell in a backpack. Unlike other Bluetooth trackers, however, Chipolo’s tracker can also ring really aloud to call your, or others’, courtesy to a lost backpack.

Despite a tech-oriented features, a #LiveFree Backpack looks sleek, unassuming, and conspicuous. It’s cover is done from hard-wearing, water-repellant British fabric that protects your things while still looking good. If that has we interested, a #LiveFree Backpack is live on Kickstarter, floating past a appropriation idea with copiousness of time to spare.

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