Happy 25th birthday, content messaging!

There are usually some inventions that are so disruptive and so pioneering that it altered story forever. Inventions like a wheel, electricity, a Internet, and, of course, content messaging. Nowadays, many markets take for postulated this roughly ancient approach of communicating with content regulating mobile phones, though a initial content message, that was sent 25 years ago to date, started a round rolling that would change many of a trends we also take for postulated today.

No, content messaging wasn’t a predecessor to present messaging, though a IM of currently is utterly opposite from yesteryear’s complement and takes some-more after SMS, brief for “short messaging service” than a likes of Yahoo! Messenger, AOL, and a like. And no, “AOL Speak” was already in existence before content messaging, though a constraints of SMS done it even some-more entire outward of AOL. Curious fact: a initial SMS sent, “Merry Christmas” was indeed spelled entirely and correctly.

Text messaging didn’t raze overnight. It’s adoption, during first, was light and even currently some markets, surprisingly like a US, arrange of missed out on a trend. SMS, however, eventually became one of a biggest factors in a increasing adoption of mobile phones.

SMS authorised for a infrequently quicker means of communication when voice calls weren’t probable or Internet-based messaging wasn’t economical. In some markets, a cost of content messaging was officious inexpensive that users elite to usually send a prolonged sequence of messages rather than make a singular phone call. In a US, however, it was a other approach around, that is because content messaging didn’t get a foothold early on.

That said, content messaging is roughly flattering most dead, usually remembered when Wi-Fi and mobile information destroy in a direst of situations. It has, however, flattering most altered a approach destiny generations approaching communication to work, and has, unfortunately, also altered a approach we spell. If we have ever wondered because Twitter had a clearly capricious 140-character limit, we have SMS to thank/curse for that, too. Sadly, that bequest is now also dead.

SOURCE: Sky News

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