Google Drive to sensitively morph into Google One over subsequent few months

With Google One, Google will deliver new features, as good as new pricing options.

In further to that, we will also get entrance to Google Experts patron support for any of a paid tiers. Each family member will get their possess storage silo within your pool of paid Google One storage. Google will also offer some additional services like giveaway credits on Google Play or deals on name hotels found on Google search.

Google One is a new devise that will reinstate all online Drive storage plans.

It is critical to discuss that G apartment users will not be influenced by this update, they will continue to suffer prior services.

As partial of a new moniker, Google has denounced new stretched storage plans, entrance to live support and some-more storage pity plans. Rivals including Amazon, Dropbox and Microsoft still have 1TB monthly skeleton in place, some people would indicate out. Rather, it will no longer be a tag Google puts on a gigabytes or terabytes of storage we share opposite a platforms.

Google’s entrance turn paid-for cloud storage devise will cost $1.99 per month for 100GB, only like now. After all, a tech hulk beheld that people with paid storage skeleton are mostly complicated users of Google products.

Furthermore, Google One also offers entrance to experts for assistance with a Google consumer products and services. According to TechCrunch, there are dual new storage plans: 200GB for $2.99 a month and 2TB for $9.99 a month.

Precise sum of Google One pricing in a United Kingdom are nonetheless to be announced, though as they USA cost has been halved, we can substantially design a identical discount.


As before, cloud storage can be used opposite Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail – presumably to make this transparent a association came adult with a name “One” i.e. one storage devise for all Google services, though it’s anything but. The use is supposing along with each Google One plan, and according to TechCrunch, in a USA, these experts will be accessible 24/7 over chat, email, and phone.

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