Facebook Announces Oculus Go, a $199 Standalone VR Headset

Oculus suggested this week that a 4 camera setup increases sensor operation good over that of a customary Windows Mixed Reality headset, that now use 2 cameras. This new headset also includes a filigree fabric that conforms to your face, effervescent straps, and an all new tradition visual pattern that embody next-gen lenses.

What we do know is that a Go contains a fast-switching LCD “screen” (read: eyepieces) with a total fortitude of 2560 x 1440 pixels, that should assistance revoke a grainy “screen doorway effect” common to mobile VR. The lenses are even improved than a ones now used for a Oculus Rift, charity “significantly reduced glare”. The processor and a arrangement are built in to this headset – as are speakers and web connectivity. There is, however, a 3.5mm headphone jack for users to bond their connected headphones for private listening. Currently, a API is usually open to Gear VR developers though Oculus says both Explore and a API will recover for a Oculus Rift in 2018. The new headset will start shipping early subsequent year. No word nonetheless on cost as a still early days, though design something tighten to a large $599/£599 of a strange Rift.

That’s how most a Facebook CEO shelled out in 2014 to squeeze Oculus from a founders (for comparison’s consequence Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram). But that headset is years out and will substantially cost some-more than $199. Oculus says a Go’s controller provides a same inputs as a Gear VR’s suit controller.

“I consider you’re going to see these a lot on aeroplanes since it’s approach improved than a back-of-the-seat guard or my phone”, Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s arch record officer, pronounced in an interview.

The Rift Bundle is now accessible during a new permanent cost of $399. The arriving refurbish brings loads of new facilities including a ability to customise Oculus Homewith environments, taste and interactive gadgets.

In years passed, he’s showed an app called Spaces that we can use to demeanour during immersive videos and photos with friends.


Oculus Go could give a association a comparatively high-level VR knowledge though but a high cost of equipment, that includes a delegate cost of a mechanism absolute adequate to run a technology.

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