Dr. Annette Teijeiro Is a Congressperson Nevada Needs

Dr. Annette Teijeiro is seeking to offer Nevada as a subsequent Republican Congressperson for District 3. She does not behind divided from dispute and will use this element in Washington D.C. when fighting for a needs and interests of her constituents.

Nevadans need a chairman who can get a pursuit finished in Congress and lapse a nation to a position as one of a many earnest in a world. Dr. Teijeiro is that person.

As a bicultural bilingual Latina, a alloy is singly competent to strech out to Hispanics in Nevada, who are 28 percent of a population. She understands a day-to-day struggles of all voters including Nevada’s Naturalized Citizens. Growing adult as a child of low-income Latino relatives she schooled during an early age that success requires integrity, education, and devoted continuation to confront challenges.

Dr. Teijeiro has a proven lane record of caring and service. She graduated with honors from high school, was supposed to 3 medical schools as an undergraduate, and achieved a medical grade from a University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Obamacare: The Biggest Tax Increase for a Middle Class – Ever

She will continue a quarrel to dissolution a Affordable Care Act, differently famous as Obamacare. As a medicine who has dual decades of medical process experience, her viewpoint of a ACA is clearly defined.

Teijeiro states:

It is a biggest taxation boost for a center class, ever. Because there are no loyal incentives to revoke premiums and Congress motionless what a process indispensable to include, that fit each rate boost underneath a sun.

She also contends that Obamacare interferes with a dedicated patient-physician attribute by holding diagnosis decisions out of a individual’s hands. PPO, HMO, managed caring agencies foreordain what, how, and when for each aspect of healthcare.

The Middle Class Is Disappearing

Even yet labour was abolished after a Civil War, Teijeiro argues that a “lack of opportunities currently enslaves us.” Her indicate is current when holding into comment how a center category is being eliminated.

Today’s girl connoisseur college with so most debt. Dr. Teijeiro says they connoisseur with a “homeless mortgage” that can't be created off when filing taxes. When losses are larger than take-home income, a mismatch creates mercantile slaves to large supervision and special interests.

Dr. Teijeiro will quarrel to make critical changes in Washington D.C. in sequence to secure a larger customary of life for all Nevadans.

By Cathy Milne

Interview with Dr. Annette Teijeiro: Apr 19, 2018
Images Courtesy of Dr. Annette Teijeiro – Used With Permission

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