Disabled Man Beaten Up Badly By Group Live on Facebook

Four people have been arrested and are being questioned per a Facebook video that shows a infirm male being beaten adult badly after tying him to a chair or something else.

All the four suspects, among them one was streaming a video live on Facebook, are taken into control and military is questioning a matter.

It has been reported that a unclear 18 year old disabled man, who is believed to be a proprietor of Crystal Lake, a northwestern suburb of Chicago, was lured by a 4 people (two males and dual females) before holding him to Chicago in a stolen vehicle.

Once reaching their apartment, they tied a infirm male in a chair with his mouth taped close in to keep him silent.

Using Facebook live, they broadcasted a live video in that a plant was beaten adult badly. Not usually this, he was also forced to splash H2O from a toilet and done to curse President-elect Donald Trump on a indicate of pointy knife.

In a whole video, a suspects were regularly observant “F*** white people!” and “F*** Donald Trump!”. Suspects were also listened observant “we wish a video to go viral”.

Eddie Johnson, Police Superintendent, pronounced “we were told about a Facebook video Tuesday afternoon. Taking assistance of Facebook profile, regulating that a video was broadcasted, we tracked a lady and afterwards her all a 3 friends, who were in a video”.

As of now, no charges are done opposite suspects though it is approaching that grave charges would be filed on or after Thursday.

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