Celebrating Jul 4th a Woman Assaults Elderly Mexican Man


An detain was done on justification that a lady brutally kick and assaulted a 92-year aged man, Rodolfo Rodriguez, with a brick. The conflict was prisoner on video in Southern California, on Jul 4, 2018, by an watcher who was means to report a whole ordeal.

The eyewitness, not wanting to be identified to a public, told authorities that a aged male was originally walking down a travel but unfortunate anyone when he upheld by a lady and her daughter.

Accidentally bumping into a small girl, Rodriguez attempted to kindly go around a dual when a lady pushed a male to a belligerent and began to conflict him. She began violence a male with her fists and afterwards with a brick.

The declare recounted that after so many hits with a section a lady went adult to a organisation of group circuitously and lied, revelation them that Rodriguez had instead attempted to waylay her small lady when in fact her daughter was station by her side untouched.

The 3 group afterwards also proceded to chuck several kicks and blow on a downed man, now heavily painful and bleeding.

Fortunately, a declare took a design of a lady and asked her why. When a declare was interviewed, she explained a reason a mom gave for assaulting a male was she was fortifying her daughter since “he overwhelmed her.”

The confront between a dual women finished with a declare revelation a mom that she saw and listened all and a assailant throwing a same section she kick a male with during a eyewitnesses automobile in an bid to stop her recording.

Since a plant did not pronounce English he was clueless as to since he was being pounded so viciously. He did not know his assailant when told him to lapse to his nation and when asked since he was in a United States.

It was after reliable that a 92-year-old man, Rodriguez, routinely walked on that retard daily and was famous by all of a residents.

His children were uneasy as to since someone would conflict someone like their father. Rodriguez’ family was rather relieved when a lady was arrested.

She was identified as 30-year-old Laquisha Jones by a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. She is a proprietor of Los Angeles.

Jones was charged and arrested on charges for a guess of assault with lethal arms on Jul 11, 2018. She was offering bail in a volume of $200,000.

The district attorney’s bureau also charged Jones with elder abuse, a distress of injury, and attempted murder. On Jul 12, 2018, a lady pled not guilty.  At a rough hearing, prosecutors asked a decider to set her bail as $1.125 million.

If Jones is convicted of these crimes she could face adult to 29 years in prison. Since his assault, Rodriguez has solemnly recovered.

Written by Brielle R. Buford
Edited by Cathy Milne


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