Bill O’Reilly to Have Sit-Down Interview of Soon-To-Be President Donald Trump

The famous radio horde and author, Bill O’Reilly, will have a sit-down speak with a president-elect Donald Trump on a Super Bowl Sunday.

As per as reports, a module will be aired during a Super Bowl Pregame Show, during 4 PM on Feb 5th.

The officials of Fox TV have privileged that a module will be available progressing on a same day that means it won’t be LIVE.

Talking about a history, Bill has interviewed Trump several times though this would be opposite as it will be a initial speak with Trump as President of US.

Previously as reportedCelebrityinsider source – Bill O’Reilly has also interviewed several large names like Former President of US, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton and Former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney.

Bill who presents ‘The O’Reilly Factor‘ show, that now has some-more than 3.5 Million viewers.

As distant as a speak is concerned, it is believed that Bill and Trump would have speak on several critical issues and try to get a transparent picture about his (Trump’s) policies.

We have seen in new past that China and other countries aren’t really happy with Trump’s policies, including a box in that he perceived a approach call from Taiwan.

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