40 People and Students Injured When Charter Bus Struck Overpass in Long Island


More than 40 people were harmed when a licence bus, transporting high propagandize students, struck an overpass on Long Island on Sunday, Apr 8, 2018.

The train was pushing eastward on a Southern State Parkway in Lakeview when it crashed into a overpass. “The tip of a train was sheared off by a impact of a crash,” according to ABC News.

Commercial vehicles, including licence busses, are not authorised to transport on New York State parkways since a bridges are too low to concede them to pass in certain areas.

Many of a injuries were critical and some of a passengers had to be extricated, according to New York State Police Major David Candelaria.

During a press conference, Candelaria pronounced a collision was treated as a “mass-casualty incident.” The Nassau County military and a Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department set adult a mass-casualty diagnosis triage and saved lives.

The injuries ranged from damaged skeleton to cuts and scrapes, according to Candelaria.

Two people were severely injured, 5 were tolerably injured, and a rest were minor.

There were 38 students, 5 chaperones, and a motorist on a bus.

The students were ages 16 to 18 and they were returning from a outing to Europe. They were assembly their relatives during a circuitously mall when a occurrence occurred. Police did not contend that schools a students were dependent with.

The train was from Journey Bus Lines, operated out of New Jersey. The motorist was not reportedly from a area and was not wakeful blurb vehicles were not authorised to transport on a New York parkway. The overpass that was struck was one of a lowest in a whole system.

The motorist will be subjected to drug and ethanol tests, according to police.

By Jeanette Smith


ABC News: Bus hits Long Island overpass, injuring high propagandize students

Image Courtesy of Doug Kerr’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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